Monday, March 15, 2010

Mimi Time!!!

Yesterday as I was taking the kids to their father so I could attend a memorial service at the church, Auri and I shared this dialogue...

Auri: Am I going to Kay's (the babysitter) today?

Me: No Honey, you'll go to Kay's tomorrow.

Auri: But only for 2 days, right?

Me: No Honey, every week you go for 5 days, and tomorrow starts a new week, so it is day one of 5 days.

Auri: (after some sighs of unhappiness and great thought) Well I still haven't had my day at Mimi's. I would prefer to just go to Mimi's and not go to Kay's.

Me: Well Baby, I know you'd rather go to Mimi's, but she works a lot and she can't have you every day. But I will talk to her and see if there is a day you can spend with her. Okay?

Auri: Well, we're gonna have to figure it out, because I need to spend some time with my Mimi! I just need to go to her house!

Me: Okay Honey, we will figure it out! We all need our Mimi time, we'll see what we can do!

And that was the end of it. She is right though, she definately needs to spend some time with her Mimi's they are both having withdrawl!