Wednesday, February 7, 2007

New Photos from this past week...

Apparently Aurora likes my hat that Aaron gave me for Christmas. She saw it on my head and with grunts and pointing basically asked me for it, so I put it on her head and she walked all over the house talking (well, rambling) really loud trying to get everyones attention. Isaiah had a day off of school and was at our house. While Isaac and Jackson were upstairs playing, Isaiah was on the loveseat reading. Well, I asked him to keep an eye on Aurora so she wouldn't follow me downstairs while I was working on my laundry. So she snuggled up and decided to read with him. Funny thing is, he reads with Ezzy all the time too! Okay, can you read the bib? If you can read that, then I need not say anything else. (it says "Mess Starts Here")

I was messing around on the computer, Jackson was in bed avoiding falling asleep (for almost two hours) and Aurora just got tired, sat down beside the end of the couch (about three feet from where I was sitting) and fell asleep. Isn't she adorable? Same day as the previous photo, When I put Aurora in her bed (after falling asleep on the floor) Jackson finally fell asleep. When Auri woke up, so did Jackson, and they came downstairs at the same time. Look at Jackson's hair. It is so long that when he wakes up it is really messy, it's funny! This is another day this past week when the kids fell asleep at the same time again. Jackson was in his bed, and Aurora fell asleep on the couch. Well, Auri woke up first and then when Jackson came downstairs he curled up under the blacket with her. He loves to snuggle, as you can very well see! Last week on Wednesday, Jeremy was able to come over and spend the day with Jackson. They played, watched movies and even took a bath together. The last picture on this blog is when they took a nap together (in my bed mind you). They really love each other. Yesterday morning, Jeremy and Velda got on a plane and flew to California to live there, which is where she is originally from. These pictures are some that I took of them in their matching sweaters and even a couple with Auri. We all are really going to miss him. Especially Jackson, he has asked me three times today already when Jeremy is going to come back. He doesn't fully understand that it will be a long time before we see them, but I'm gonna try really hard to stay in touch with them so that these two boys will always know and love each other.
Here is the one I talked about above. They are so cute, they actually spent the night together Monday before we took Jeremy and Nana to the Airport on Tuesday morning. They just seemed to want to spend all their time together when they could.

I hope you all have a fabulous day! God bless, and keep smiling!!