Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am only as strong as the arm of God that is holding me up!

And Only as strong as He lets me be,
I still need to lean and rely on Him!

Or I will fall, because without Him, I will trip on my own feet!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pictures From The Trip to New York...

The roads were bad, the snow was heavy falling, and the visibility was minimal! This is Karin and Tim (and kids) infront of us on Route 71...
Look close, you can barely see The Henn vehicle in front of us. It was only about a hundred feet ahead. The visibility was That bad!!

A little further behind. One of the few times that the snow let up a little!

This is looking out over Lake Chataquea. You couldn't even see the other side of the lake. Or the lighthouse that is at the end of the little penisula where you see the trees!!

Sam, Laura, and Isaiah road to the church from the funeral home with us!

The snow had been perfectly plowed at the church. So I had Jackson stand by it to show how tall it was!
Auri wanted to hold my cousin Michael's baby, Kendal! She was trying to turn around to look at her! It was cute!

Lindsay, Michael and Kendal!

The flowers that we got from the arrangements to remember Grandpa! The Carnation was mom's, the yellow rose was mine, the tulip was Jackson's and the Yellow/Red rose was Auri's!

This was on the way home from New York. We wanted to get a picture of how tall the snow was at the gas station where stopped. Auri thought it was great until I put it in the snow!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!! Have a Wonderful day!!