Monday, November 26, 2007

Bad Hair Day.....

I guess she slept really good that night.....

These pictures are from a week ago. Aaron got her up from bed and this is what she looked like. I guess we all have to wake up a mess sometimes. She usually looks ready to go when she gets up, but this was a day to be pampered. She is such an angel!
Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Like I told you in my last post, we went to Ashleigh's (my sister-in-law) house. It was really cute how happy Kaelyn was to see the kids. She kept following Aurora around trying to hug and kiss her. Unfortunately, Auri is kind of a loner when it comes to other kids she would rather just do her own thing. Here are some cute pictures I got of them. These first ones are of the girls right after we got there. Auri found Kaelyn's bike, and kept saying it was hers and we kept telling her it wasn't. So she started saying "my turn" and "Auri's turn". She even took it out in the living room, and was actually attempting to peddle, even though that is a little beyond her right now, she is at least trying. These pictures are of her allowing Kaelyn to hug and kiss her, most of the time she did push her away though.
This was Kaelyn on her way to give me some hugs and kisses. She was a lot of fun, and very affectionate. I could've just squeezed her all night. It is hard to see because they were right in front of me, but Jackson and Kaelyn were very into playing together and I'm not sure if this was one of their screaming matches (boy they enjoyed seeing who could scream louder and give us bigger headaches). This may have been just a time when they were chasing each other and laughing. Whatever it was, they were really cute together.
Raf had some music on and the kids were dancing. Well, Jackson and Kaelyn were dancing, Auri was vaccuming with Kaelyn's toy vaccum the whole time. I got some cute videos of Kaelyn shakin' her booty, but there were kind of fuzzy, so I'm not posting them. Anyway, They had a lot of fun together.
Auri Vaccuming.

Have a fabulous day!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Big Change in apperance...

I took these pictures late last week of the kids hanging out. Jackson was watching something on TV and Aurora just went over to the couch where he was and crawled up on the couch to not only lay with him, but apparently to lay on him. He is never really fazed by it when she does this. I think he welcomes the attention. She has always been so independent and usually pushes him away when he is trying to be lovey with her. So when she does something like this I think he secretively enjoys her doting on him.
Here is the change ...
Yes that is right, my poor baby has beat herself up. She decided that she would fall down three or more steps once a day for three days in a row. It was only after dark, and she was also sleeping a lot during the day. This was last Friday night, she wanted to bring a toy guitar downstairs and in her current clumsy state, she fell and banged up her pretty little face. she has a bump and bruise on the top middle of her forehead but you can't see it in the picture. The bruise is now gone, but the nose is still healing. She looks so cute, and it doesn't seem to bother her anymore. When I put her down for a nap on Monday, the scab under her nose fell off and that evening during her bath time, the one on her nose fell off. She still looks like these pictures though.
We took a trip on Sunday evening to Aaron sister's house (Ashleigh) to spend some time with the family and to get the kids together. Last evening Ashleigh brought Kaelyn (my niece) down here to spend some more time with the kids. She and Jackson really got along well together. Aurora was more temperamental. She doesn't like to share or be bothered for that matter, so it was a bit of work to get her to play with Kaelyn, but the longer they were together the more warmed up Auri got to her. I'm sure over time they'll be great together, I think Auri is just more reserved than Jackson. Anyway, I've told you all this to warn you that once I get my pictures together I will posting some of the kids playing together.
Have a fabulous day!!
God Bless, Kristen

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Touchdown Steelers (x5)

Last night after the first of five touchdowns made by the Steelers in the first half of the game, Auri started yelling touchdown and getting all excited. So I through on her Steelers jersey (she loves wearing jerseys and this one used to be Jackson's). She was so excited about putting on a jersey and she went downstairs to show daddy (who is a Browns fan). After the second touchdown, she started getting tired and so she went to bed. I got these cute pictures of her before she went to bed though. In the first one she is laying on the couch and the other ones she is standing by the door. All I had to do was yell touchdown and this is what I got from her, and if I didn't say anything, she just stood there like in the second picture.

Jackson was a little jealous that Aurora was getting her picture taken and also that she had on a jersey. So I tool his picture and then I put on his polo jersey that used to be Isaac's (it was the only one he had clean). So here are the cute pictures of him.

I hope you have a wonderful day!
God Bless,