Wednesday, April 18, 2007

There are two things that I want you to notice about these two pictures! First of all, Jackson is doing chores. He actually asked if he could do his chores. You see, Isaiah and Isaac have daily chores and it just so happens that when we are at their house, Jackson has to help them do them. Second, yesterday, he asked me if I would cut his hair. Look a few blog posts back, called "??????" his hair was really long, and every time I asked him if I could cut it he said no, he wanted it really long. Well yesterday morning he asked me to cut it, so I did last night before he went to be. He looks so cute, but it is weird for his curls from the back to be gone, I'm sure they'll come back, but they are gone for now.

This picture is from two weeks ago when Isaiah and Isaac were on Spring Break, they spent a couple of their days at my house and Isaiah read a lot. Well, Aurora adore him and she decided she would fine a book, she climbed up on the couch with him and she read too. It was really cute!! Okay, this picture is here just so you can see ornry she is. Look at that face. I don't know what she was thinking but I sure wish I did!
More Secrets!!!!! Who knows what they were laughing at, but they are cute none the less! Auri seems to have secrets with everyone, just look at Karin's blog where she and Ezzy are telling secrets. These last five pictures are from the other night after Aaron got home from work, Aurora found daddy's shoes and tried to walk in them. What you need to realize is that these shoes are really heavy, they probably weigh a couple pounds each. Well, she could barely move, but it was really cute to watch her try. The last picture is when Jackson found another pair of daddy's shoes and joined his baby sister. I love my kids, they are so adorable!!!I hope you all have a wonderful day and a fabulous time enjoying the beautiful Spring weather!!
God Bless!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Post #4 for today...

Okay, I only have explanation for this post. Last night, Aaron and I were watching the movie High School Musical and Jackson was upstairs. He finished what he was doing and came down, looking tired and crawled up on the couch and snuggled up beside me. When the movie was done, it was almost 11pm. Well past his bedtime. He had crawled up on the arm of the couch and fallen asleep. He kept moving his head, picking it up, moving his body, just trying to get comfortable. The whole time he moved, he was SOUND asleep. Aaron and I were laughing hysterically and I was trying to take pictures without shaking the camera (since I was laughing so hard). It was cute. After I finished taking pictures, I carried him upstairs, pulled down his drawers and put him on the potty so he could pee before going to bed. I sat on the side of the bathtub while he was on the potty, he leaned his head forward and rested it on my shoulder and proceded to continue sleeping. Fun times with a three year old!!!

An Egg Hunt!

We don't celebrate the Easter Bunny in our house, but the church did their annual Easter Egg Hunt, and we took the kids. I had to stay with Auri for most of the time, so I don't have many pictures of the other kids, but I took what I could.
Jackson and Mason waiting (which became impatiently) for the Hunt to start...She thought she was taking a picture! I thought it was adorable!Aurora and Preston waiting for the Egg hunt to start and trying to listen (as children less do, yeah right).After the Hunt, the kids were asked to emty the eggs and put the empty eggs in the tubs in the middle of the room. Aurora was doing her part. She did that better than she hunted!One of my favorite moments. I don't know this child, but Ezzy was in the stroller while Karin walked away for a minute and I was trying to take pictures and this little guy walked up and they were talking. Now I know she is beautiful, but isn't she a little young to have a boyfriend? Anyway, there was another picture of them hugging, but I couldn't see Ezzy head, so I did put that one on.

Back to the Zoo!

These pictures are not in order of how we saw them, I just had to put these ones first because this cat is so beautiful! He/She was just laying there, looking up at whomever whould stop to see him. First Isaiah sat down and he stared at him, and then we moved the girls closer and there is a picture of Aurora trying to see him too.

This was actually the last stop we made on our unforgetable trip to the zoo. I didn't get Isaac in this picture, but you can see the other four and Karin as they watch this gorilla who looked completely exhausted!
The kids were extremely excited about the HUGE stingray. How many times can you see the same stingray and still get excited about it?
I kept trying and trying, there were fish that kept swimming past the girls, like they were trying to show off or something, and I finally got a picture with the two girls and a fish, unfortunately this time they girls weren't actually looking at the fish, but it is cool anyway.
We were in the big indoor aquarium and I asked Aurora to smile at me and this is what I got. I thought it was funny, so I'm sharing!

Okay, I did get all five kids and Kiki in this picture, but it was so dark and Isaiah and Isaac were so far away from me that they are kind of hidden, but they are there, I promise!


Aurora has decided that she likes suckers! She found this sucker and unwrapped it and crawled up on the couch to eat it. I thought it was cute...