Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just Some Pictures...

For the kids' birthdays, their Nana and Uncle Jeremy sent them each a giftcard for Target. It took us a while to spend all of Auri's since her birthday is just weeks before Christmas and she's only two, so I decided she didn't need to pick out a toy or whatever and that I would pick something out for her (clearence racks in the toddler department. Got her a really cute shirt that says "Daddy's Little Sweetheart" on it, and some other cool stuff. Like boots for next winter). Anywhoo, Jackson had his mind set on this knight's suit for months, so pretty much as soon as we had time we went to Target and got it for him (along with a sweater and a pair of pants). He is so cute. He won't actually use the shield, he tries to get Aurora to put it on, but she fusses everytime. He is such a little ham!!! Thought you'd like to see him in all his cuteness!! (Especially you Nana!!).
These are actually from Christmas, but I thought you might appreciate Aaron's wrapping ability. (I dedicate these pictures to Sam!!) He couldn't find the wrapping paper and texted me while I was at church, which means I didn't get the message until after he lost patience in waiting for a reply as to where the paper was and just improvised using almost an entire roll of tape. How adorable! Now we know where Jackson gets his cuteness from!!!

Have a Great Day!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I've been tagged...

This has never happened to me. I usually just read everyone elses answers when they are tagged with something cool like this, but no one has tagged me before. So here are my answers...

Favorite Sites:
Karin's blog
Beth's blog
Clive's Blog

Challenge Favs
A Cake that I'm not sure how to decorate, thus creating a challenge and when I've accomplished it I feel such joy, pride and satisfaction.
A new painting that seems almost impossible to see the end and then turns out better than the last one.
Singing a song that seems to be written just for me both words and vocal range. To make it mine so that it comes from the heart instead of it just being a performance.
Guilty pleasures
Fudge Iced Brownies
Starbucks Venti Caramel Macciato
Karin's Apple Pie
Babysitting Fav.
My mom! She is always teaching the kids something, even without trying.
My friend Heather, she is patient and adores my children, even when they should be driving her crazy, she just smiles and is sweet when asking them to stop.

Creative Fav.
When they let me take the reigns on a cake at work and I don't have to follow the "diagram" of what it should look like. I got to do flames once, that rocked!!
Clothing Fav.
My ankle length brown Victoria Secret Sweeter, with boot cut blue jeans and my amazing cowboy boots! It makes me feel sexy even though I really need to lose 40 to 50 pounds.
I now tag
Sam, Karin, and Laura

Friday, February 1, 2008

Start Your Engines!

The kids and I went to Sam's Club the other day to get some stuff. And in the event of leaving, I grabbed these boxes so that the stuff wouldn't slide around in the backend of my dad's truck. Well, when we got home, Jackson asked if he could have one and if Auri could have the other and if they could be their cars. So that evening I sat down on the floor while they ate dinner and I drew wheels and a steering wheel, headlights and taillights. Windshield whipers, their name on the front, Jackson's has a license plate that says "IMABRAT". This is later that night when they were just sitting in their cars (Jackson put them side by side because he wanted Aurora to drive beside him, he thought he would win some kind of race) coloring. Aren't they just darling? I think so. I love how they interact with each other and enjoy spending time together.
This is when Auri and I were getting ready for church a couple of weeks ago. She was dressed and ready, and I was putting my makeup on. The cat (Hannah) got up there with her, after she tapped herself on the leg and said "come here kitty, come up Hannah" in the sweetest voice you can imagine. What an adorable pair...
This is our sweet little neighborgirl, also named Hannah. We now call the cat JoHannah when Hannah is around. Anyway, she had a day off of school and I was home from work, so she spent the day with us. That way her mom wouldn't have to miss work. She and Jackson were tracing each other's hands and Aurora just crawled up on her lap so she could be a part of it. I snapped some quick pictures, as you can see. We had a good day!

Hope you all have fabulous days!

God Bless!