Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy 4th!!!

Last week was the Forth of July and last year Aaron and I started a tradition that hopefully will last for as long as we have the kids at home. We take the kids to the Upper Arlington Parade in the morning, then we go home and the kids get their naps and then we grill out for dinner. After dinner we head to the Fireworks at Northam Park in Upper Arlington. The kids seem to really enjoy this stuff! Here they are waiting for the parade to start in their red, white & blue clothes. Aurora didn't really know what she was waiting for, she just sat there, but Jackson was ready for anything. He was very excited about the parade.

Rock OnEvery year at the parade there is a big showing of Volkwagen cars and buses. I like this picture because you can see some of them in a line all the way down the road.This bus is one of my favorites. It is in really good condition and of course, it is yellow!This is a huge blown up golden bear, we are in Upper Arlington, home of the Golden Bears. This balloon is in the parade every year and there are alumni who pull it down the road and every so often they spin it around in the road, it is pretty cool. I personally love this picture because it shows Aaron, Aurora and Jackson all looking at the same thing, it is just kind of neat! Okay, for anyone who knows me I won't have to explain why this picture is included. And let me just tell you, these horses are MASSIVE! It is like standing next to a big bus or something, they are so tall. And Beautiful!!! Okay, now on to the fireworks. The kids got these little flags at the parade in the morning, but I left them in the diaper bag so they could have them at the fireworks too. These next two pictures were taken about a half hour apart, but the seem like they should go together. Aurora has started this thing where she will spin in circles or sway back and forth and just sing. Of course she isn't saying actual words (at least not that I can understand) but she knows she is singing. It is really cute, I wish I could put a video on here because I would love to show you but you'll just have to trust me. Anyway, you can see here how she is in her own element and just enjoying singing to the world.These next three pictures show you a cool thing that happened in the sky while we were waiting for it to get dark at the fireworks. It started as just what you see in the first picture, it kind of looked like there was a building or something blocking the sun. A ton of people were taking pictures. I kept on it for a long time and once you get to the third picture you see the actual cloud that was in front of the sun that was creating this neat artwork from God. Check it out!!!
I had to include a picture of a firework. Right? I actually took a video of the grand finale, but I don't know how to put it on here for you all to see. It was a great fireworks display. Aurora stayed awake for the entire thing, (I was really suprised). She actally didn't even go to sleep on the way home either. Auri sat on Aaron's lap and Jackson sat on mine. He seems to think that the fireworks are going to get him. He kept asking me if they were still far away when they were really big. Oh the mind of a young child. Auri didn't like how bright it was. She kept trying to look and then I would see her turn her head. Poor baby!Okay, these pictures are actually from the day before the previous pictures. I have been going to my mom's house a couple times to work on a shirt for myself (I use mom's sewing machine). This trip to mom and dad's I actually remembered to take my camera. You see, there are times when the kids are there and Aurora will just follow the dog around and anytime possible she will hug her and pet her, it is really cute. I think the kids think that Dianna is their dog. So I saw that Aurora was bugging the poor dog again, so I quick grabbed my camera and snapped some photos. This first one I put in here because it looks to me like the two of them are having a conversation or something. They are looking at each other, and I just thought it was cute. The second picture is of Auri actually hugging Dianna. She loves that dog. Actually she would do the same thing to the cats if they would let her. Have a Fabulous Day!!!