Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Family Updates...

Okay, this is a cake I did for a lady at church who was throwing a birthday party for a friend who was turning 60. It was fun, I personally think it turned out really great!

It is going to look like Aurora doesn't wear clothes anymore because a lot of the following pictures she doesn't have anything on but a diaper, however, it is only because it is so hot right now and she is taking her naps in her diaper so she doesn't get too hot and a lot of these were taken after she gets up from her nap and before I get more clothes on her.
In this picture, look closely at what the kids are sitting in. They found an empty box from Aaron's Propel water and both wanted to sit in it, so they sat together.
Here is Aurora getting away with sitting at my computer. I don't allow the kids to mess with my computer, but she got up in the chair and it was so cute. She was hitting the keys and singing. I guess she thought she was playing the piano. She sees me type, but she loves playing Jackson's keyboard that he got for Christmas a couple of years ago and she sings while she pretends to play, so I assume that is what it going on with the computer keyboard. Anyway, I let her stay long enough to get some good pictures. She is so adorable!!This is my most recent painting. I finished it about a week and a half ago. Keep an eye out for a new website that will be added to my blog roll, I'm going to be putting my paintings a new site and try to sell them. I personally love this one. Okay, the following pictures are from last night. It started with Aurora, but I'm showing you the pictures of Jackson first. They were walking around taking turns putting on Jackson's cowboy hat and posing for me. I thought Jackson looked great because he had on his John Deer shirt, and all John Deer boys are cowboys right? And I thought Aurora looked like a real redneck gal because she was running around (again) in nothing but a diaper. Aurora loves wearing the hat, so I decided that this coming December for her birthday, she will get one of her own. I think I'll just get another black hat like Jackson's and just put a more feminine ribbon/band on it. Jackson picked out his ribbon/band, so I'll probably let her pick hers. Anyway, as usual, they are adorable!(Quick note: this is my favorite picture from yesterday, she looks like a little woman!)
I like this picture because it looks like she is trying to be modest and hide herself, but she does still have a diaper on. And the second picture in this series it looks like she is doing a girly pose, and I think it is cute!Okay, these pictures ROCK!! When Aaron got home he put on his cowboy hat (cuz the kids gave it to him to put on) and it looks so good with the outfit he had on. Which, by the way, the shirt he has on was from the kids for Father's day and the tie is the one that Jackson picked out for him for Father's day. (He is wearing the tie from Auri today).My Cowboy and his cute kids! Kind of Redneck in a citified kind of way!
Thank you for taking your time to look at my amazing family. Thank you to those of you who commented on my last blog, I sometimes wonder if anyone even looks at my blog anymore, but I guess you guys do! Thanks! Have a wonderful Day!!!
God Bless,