Monday, October 29, 2007

Trunks And Treats!!!

On Wednesday October 24th, our church held it's annual Trunks & Treats. It is a family friendly and comfortably safe place to take the kids for Halloween. People fancy up the trunks of their car or truck and then pass out candy or something. A lot of people will still take their kids Trick or Treating, but it has become tradition at our church. It started before I ever started going there. Anyway, We had to be at church anyway because I had choir practice so I dressed the kids and I put on my Steelers jersey and painted some long eye lashes on my face and we went to church. Jackson, as you will see was Batman and Aurora as you can see was a flower. These costumes were thankfully hand-me-downs. I love that!! Anyway, I got some face paint crayons from JoAnnFabrics a few months ago so I could put Spiderman on Jackson's face (he thinks he is spiderman), but we never got around to that, so I used them on Aurora's face for this night. I just made her face like the center of the flower, and if you can't see it clearly, I put a butterfly over her left eye so it would look like it landed on her face. She sat still the whole time for me to do her face and didn't seem to mess with it all night. She was a really good girl. Anyway, enjoy the fun pictures! ....

This is Daelynn from church. She is only a few months younger than Aurora and they play together in the nursery all the time (they are the "big girls"). This is Drew, my friend Angie has two sets of twins. The older two just turned four and these two are going to be three in December. Anyway, Drew was Darth Vader and the picture after this one is Ian and he was also Batman! (these are the younger two twins, I didn't get good pictures of the older two)Okay, last Saturday, the kids were playing (as usual) and went up to play in Jackson's room. This is a normal occurrence, so we didn't think anything of it. However, after a while, Aaron thought it seemed kind of quiet, so he snuck up there. Well this is what he found, he told me to grab my camera and come quick. I did just that. This first picture is Aurora pretending to sleep and the second one is Jackson pretending to sleep while Aurora waves good bye to me. They are so adorable!!!!!
Have a wonderful Day, hopefully I have some more good pictures soon!!
God Bless!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Kids!

Monday Jackson and Aurora crawled on the couch to snuggle after their nap. It was adorable so I quickly snapped some pictures. Look how cute...

They are tickling each other...
Yesterday Auri found my empty cup of coffee from the day before and decided that she needed to try and get something out of it. She loves coffee! She also found my mostly drunk cup on the table last evening and went and got a straw and finished it for me. I guess she knew I don't like cold coffee. GO BUCKEYES!!!!
(channeling Michael Jackson? She even slept in that glove!?!?)

Have and incredibly amazing day!!!