Sunday, March 25, 2007

This week...

Aurora found a laundry basket, newly emptied and waiting to go back down to the basement, and well, she decided that it would be a fun place to play. At first she just kept going in and out of it, cuz she could, but then she decided to stay and she would always want either a toy in her hands or her cup so she could drink. I left it in the livingroom for a few days so they could play with it, and here they are, both playing together and they both fit.
This was a different day when Jackson came down and was laying on the floor thinking that he knew what he was watching on the Today Show. And then Aurora got up and when I put her on the floor she went over and laid right beside him, like she could pay attention too. I personally thought it was cute, so of course, I took pictures.

Every Friday Grandpa comes over to see the kids, hang out for a little and then talk to Aaron for a long time after the rest of us are all in bed. Sometimes they watch a movie, sometimes they talk work stuff, sometimes it's music and who knows what else. Anyway, Aurora tried to get up on the couch with him this last friday and so he picked her up and she snuggled right in. I thought it was cute, and like I said earlier, I just had to take pictures. Here you go....
Have a wonderful week! May God bless you with whatever it is you attempt to do!!!


I just don't know what to say about this picture. He is so pretty for a boy. Yeah, he needs a hair cut, but he wants it to grow long, so I'll let him have that until he decides he is too hot to have it long. I'm not sure if he was trying to pose for me, or not, but he did a great job.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Auri's First Shiner...

Aurora fell the other day and hit her cheak on the corner of our step stool. She cried and cried and then her face turned red in a spot about the size of a half dollar. She now has (as you can see) a rather lightly coloured set of bruises on her face. Poor baby! I figured I should share this special moment in her tiny life!
I had to put this one in, I just thought it was so cute some of the faces she was making at me while I was trying to take her picture...Here is a close up of her precious little cheak! And of course her beautiful eye!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm Cute and I know It!!!

Do I even need to say anything?...
She put that hat on all by herself, and boy was she proud!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Wow It's been long!

First of all, let me apologize for staying away so long. I hadn't even checked the other blogs that I look at for so long that I had to catch up, for a while. I was e-mailed last week and asked to post more photos of the kids, and I told that person that I would do it Friday, and I wasn't even on the computer all weekend. Here they are though. However, first I want to start with a picture of my best-friend Christina and myself. We met in college and became friends immediately, and then we married and moved on to seperate lives, attempting to stay in touch. We hadn't seen each other in over four years. Well, it just so happened that she was in town last Wednesday to take a test for work, and when she was done she called me. She made it to my house and well, it was just like old times. We're not as young as we were then, but I tell you what, we sure felt like we were. I had such a wonderful time just hanging out with her and catching up. We both have two kids now, her youngest is the same age as my eldest. We are going to get together with the kids sometime soon so they can get to know one another and that way she and I can hang out some more. Here we are...
Next we have a picture of Aurora attempting to wear everyone elses stuff. She got food all over her shirt, so I threw Jackson's size 4 shirt on her, and she found my shoes in the kitchen and was trying to walk in them. This first one is when she actually had both shoes on and she is dancing (showing off how cute she is) and the second one is her walking out of my shoes.
Now, we have Jackson showing us first where he lives and then where Uncle Jeremy now lives. He got this blanket from his Mimi when he was just a baby and we never knew how important it would be. My mom has now put tabs on the top so we can hang it on the wall in his bedroom, and we are gonna put buttons where all of his many relatives live so he always knows where they are. But for these pictures, he really misses his Uncle Jeremy and this map of the U.S. is helping him know where they are in relation to each other. This picture is typical Aurora. She thinks that it is a great deal of fun while she is eating to leave some of the food hanging out of her mouth and making noises and giggling. I think she knows that she is cute.The first Saturday of this month, we had women's prayer time with the ladies from church, and well, it is really hard for me to take Jackson with me because he won't sit still long enough for me to be able to pay attention. So since Aaron is home on Saturdays now, he kept Jackson with him. This is what they looked like when I got home. They had started watching Jerasic Park and Jackson just snuggled in. The parts where the dinosaurs were a little more scary, Jackson would move up to Aaron's chest so he could have Daddy's arms to hold him when he might get scared. It was really cute!!
Okay, here is Aurora, yes she is asleep again. I had set her on the couch so I could get some more stuff done, I think Jackson was either asleep or at someone elses house (I can't believe I don't remember where my son was). She just sat there until she finally drifted off to sleep. As you can see she just HAD to have her cup with her, not to drink out of it, she just likes to hold it while she goes to sleep.
Jackson has lately been taking Daddy's hat and putting it on and just walking around the house. This time, he just sat down on the couch and watched whatever was on TV. He won't wear his own hats, but he'll wear daddy'sFinally, last but definately not least. Here are my four babies! Aaron (aka Daddy) was trying to get Auri to laugh and well Jackson was just trying to make it look like he was smiling and as you can see, Hannah was simply trying to ignore everyone else. I love my family, they are adorable!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful day and a Happy St. Patricks Day. And until I write again, enjoy yourself, and make the choice to make a difference in someone elses life!

God Bless!