Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gathering of Mustangs & Legends

On Friday September 28th I took the kids to the Air Show down at the Rickenbacker International Airport. I think I had a better time than they did. But it was nice anyway. The weather was beautiful and the kids got to see something that they will not get to see again until they are at least ten or eleven, maybe even older. Here are some cool pictures from the show. They had nearly 100 Mustangs are expected to attend along with 51 Legends who were an array of Aces, crew chiefs, WASP's and others who were part of the P-51 family. An F-15 Eagle and and F-16 Viper. You'll see one of these toward the end of this post. I blew up one of my pictures so you could have a close up look. Anyway, I loved it, but we only stayed about two hours because the sun was bright, the kids were bored and the F-16 was too loud. Those were the reason's I got from Jackson as to why we needed to leave. Anyway, here you go, some neat pictures for you to enjoy!

Look, they were all upside down!!!
These next pictures are of the kids with the Mustangs that were just parked. Aurora wouldn't walk up and stand next to one, so I put her in the stroller and that way she didn't have a choice! As you can see, this one is based out of Cincinnati. I asked Auri where the airplane was and she pointed, but she wasn't happy about it.

This Airplane was pretty cool. It flew alone, but the most facinating thing about it was that the person flying it is the only woman to be recognized and awarded in competition for her flying of one of these classic mustangs.

Look at Auri's face! Yes, she is crying, she wanted nothing of being close to these airplanes. She loves to look at Airplanes from inside the car, but I guess she is too small to want to be that close. I had Jackson hold her there so I could at least have a picture of her with one. This plane was probably my favorite as far as the paint job. Of course, there is the horse on the fin, but also it was a really pretty green color and it looked really crisp in it colors.
I like this picture because I was taking pictures of the planes on the ground and I saw that the F-15 was about to pass, so I snapped a picture of it in the distance.

This was Jackson's favorite (of the little planes) to look at. I don't know why, he didn't tell me, but he did tell me that it was his favorite, so I got a picture of him under it's wing. Okay, these next two pictures are funny (to me at least). I noticed that Jackson was trying to reach the bottom of the wing of this plane, so I quick took pictures of him winding up and then one of him in mid air in an attemp to reach the wing. He did touch it, Good Job Jackson!!!

I think that the best time Jackson had was touching the planes, and the owners of them were really great in letting him too. He loved it!
Yes, he is winking, what a little ham!!!

The third picture in this series is a decription of this airplane. I would suggest that you blow it up and read it.

These are the pictures I got of the F-16 Viper. It was amazing to me. It went so fast. It would come in really fast and you would hear nothing and then about a second after it would pass you, there was this amazingly loud burst of noise that followed him.

These two mustangs were about to take off when we were walking to the car. Pretty neat!

While we were at the car, one of the Mustangs in the previous two pictures was flying side by side with the F-16. What an amazing site!
Well, it is time for me to go to work, so I hope you have enjoyed these pictures and I will post more soon! Have a wonderful day!!!

The Prettiest Sneeze Ever!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Know Your Baby Is Growing Up, When...

..She runs as fast as her big brother.
..She can speak is full sentences.
..She will be two in less that three months.
..Her hair is long enough for French Braids and Pony Tales.

..She can start a conversation with you.
..She tells You which nickname she wants to be called.
..She'd rather be with your mother than you.
..She can name her stuffed animals, all by herself.
..If you say O-H,

she'll reply with I-O

but only when she wants to.

..She can tell you if she wants her window open or closed in the car.
..You make her crib into a toddler bed and she is so busy getting
in and out that she won't even go downstairs to say good-night to daddy.
..She can ask for a pen or pencil and you can understand her.
..She tries to peddle her brother's bike.
..If she falls out of her bed, she just goes back to sleep on the floor.
Without skipping a beat or even crying.
..She's had her first tatoo!

..The first thing she says when she gets out of bed is her brother's name
with a question mark at the end.
..She decides which parents she wants to put her to bed, or hold her
just by saying their name.
..She will tell you to close your eyes when it is time to pray.

And many other things. You add your own. All I know is that this is going way too fast for me. I feel like I've missed a year because it went so fast. At least one thing hasn't changed from when she was a baby until now at just over 21 months old, she can still melt any person's heart who meets her, just by looking at them. She just has that way about her. It makes me wonder what she will do when she grows up, all the way. All I can say is, She is amazing. I can go on and on about Jackson too. He is four already. Maybe I'll do that list on another day.

God Bless,