Monday, November 30, 2009

New Pics of Kids....

On Sunday November 22nd, the kids and I went out to Creekside, in Gahanna and had ourselves a bit of a photo shoot. Here as some of the pictures I took! We had a good time. And after that day, I have decided that Jackson would really good at modeling, he's a natural, and Auri is just amazing! She is an Angel!


(laughing because Jackson was giving me bunny ears)

(poor baby had to pee really bad, she was a real trooper)My AngelPrincess..



(a serious look)

My Favorite..

Have a Great Day!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

My latest!!!

The Youth Group at our Church has a food pounding every year during the Ohio State/ Michigan game. We have a good ole tailgate party and collect food instead of admission cost. Well, I was asked to make a cake for the tailgate party, so here it is! I figured it's called pound Michigan, so why not make it look like a pounding. I like it!!!

I also paint the kids' faces every year for the tailgate. Last year they were helmets, this year Jackson wanted a block O and a buckeye leaf. His idea!!! Then all the kids wanted it!

Have a Great Day!!!!