Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aurora Lilias....

My Beautiful Princess turned 5 on December 6th... Here are some pictures... There are more to come! She is Beautiful, and amazing, and smart, and talented, and mine! And although I think she's 14 instead of 5, I Love Her more than words can express!!!

The last picture is one of my favorite pictures EVER!!!
May you feel blessed today!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Date Night...

I hadn't been on a date in a very long time....
And I'd never had the chance to go on a date with one of my nephews...
So I jumped at the chance when my sister asked me if I could take Isaac to a movie....
So... Last night, I picked up Isaac around 7:15 and we drove down to OSU campus South Gateway to catch a movie...
You see, Isaac wants to be a tap dancer, and there was a documentary type movie called, "GottaMove, Women of Tap" showing. So we took the opportunity to enjoy some amazing talent and listen to the music that these ladies made with their feet! (the oldest tapper in the movie was 88, and still goin strong) I think he wants to tap dance even more now after seeing this. And it was great because the FilmMaker was there and even talked a little before and after the film.
Then after the enjoyable movie, we walked across the sidewalk to ColdStone and got some much needed IceCream. We had such a good time, and talked about tap dancing the whole time we ate IceCream.
I thought I'd share a few pictures that I took while we were eating....
That's right, the ever so handsome Isaac got chocolate, and chocolate and more chocolate. And yes, he finished all of the ice cream, and part of the waffle cone. But he got full eventually and had to stop...

Here we are, my first, only and favorite date of 2010!
PS... Thank You Karin for asking me to take him.. We had such a wonderful time and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my Monday evening!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall Soccer....

I know he is only seven, and he is more gumby than he is athletic, but I love watching Jackson play soccer. He fully enjoys playing with his friends, and he seemed to learn a lot this year. Here are some pictures from this Fall's soccer season.

Can't wait till Spring!!!

I hope if you have kids, that you enjoy them as much as I enjoy mine!!
God Bless!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Some more pictures of our visit with Uncle Sam back in September...
This is what it looks like when you get rid of your old couch...
And your niece and nephew visit...

That's right, we had lessons in flying, and jumping, and spinning in midair with something below to catch us when we fall!!!

A little giggletime with the biggest kids there that day! The kids love their uncle Sam!!
Just like God is always there to catch us when we fall. No matter the choices we make in our lives, He loves us, and is there to soften the impact. And when we get off course, we have the risk of getting hurt. He doesn't move, just like the mattress didn't move, it all depends on if we follow His path, or our own. Hmmm....
It's hard to stay on His course isn't it, He will be always waiting for us! Praise God!!!
Have an Amazing Day!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Four years ago, I posted these first two pictures. This first one is Ginny and I, clearly after a nap. We were so adorable. And loved sitting in mom's red rocking chair.
Then we had daugther only 25 days apart. Auri was born December 6, and Emma was born January 1. It makes sense that we should have daughters the same age, since we ran around together all the time when we were little. And she is like a sister to me.

The girls were around 7 or 8 months old when they
met for the first time, and of course,
we had to get a picture of them together
in the infamous red chair that
used to be my mother's and
now resides at my brother's house.

Now, the girls are four, almost five.
And act like they are going on eleven.
They are both super smart and super cute!
So, when the kids and I went up to
visit uncle Sam a couple weeks ago
Ginny, Mike and the kids came to see us,
we just HAD to get another picture of the girls
in that red chair. I think we will
probably do this as many times as we can!
You just can't get enough of these pretty girls!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The "Tent"...

A couple weeks ago, the kids and I decided that we were going to take blankets and make a tent using the dinner table. Well, after wrapping fleece all the way around the table, I remembered that Auri had been given a "tent" for her birthday when she turned 3. So I went out to the garage and found said tent.... And the three of us using a great deal of teamwork, assembled the tent and played for a good amount of time. It was Super fun.
Then we played outside.
I had told Auri that if she was good, she could take her nap in the tent.
However, when nap time came, she "wasn't tired". So she layed in the tent for over an hour while Jackson and I hung out outside making water balloons for our water balloon that would follow Auri's nap.
Needless to say, since she never fell asleep, she came outside, and we had our waterballoon fight then. She cried and fussed because she got wet (which is not a problem any other day, but the "not tired" child was clearly tired).
So, the three of us headed inside, changed out clothes and I made her lay back down. Jackson went in and layed on my bed reading his book for school, and I told her she had ten minutes to fall asleep, and if she didn't she was going to go to her bed for her nap. We wrapped a bandana around her eyes, because the livingroom was pretty bright for a nap, and she layed down.
Sure enough, when I checked on her ten minutes later, this is what I found.....

That's right, she had fallen asleep. And she stayed there for about an hour and a half. I hated to wake her up, but if I hadn't she would have never gone to bed that night. She looked so cute there laying in her tent.

We have since put the tent back in it's box for the next time we have a whole day to have a tent party! We had fun! And will again very soon!!

Hug your babies....

They grow up WAY too fast!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Makin Pizza.....

Last night, in honor of my dear friend Heather (who the kids call Aunt Heather) and her birthday, which was the 30th... We made homemade pizza. Her favorite past-time with us!
And homemade pizza isn't really homemade unless the crust is from scratch as well...
Auri, spreading out the dough for Her Own pizza!..

Jackson spreading out His dough...

Messy hands are Super Fun!!!...

Spreading the sauce...

And Grating the Cheese...
(they each got a turn, but mommy finished it!)

Auri's turn...

Time to sprinkle the cheese...

And put on toppings...
Jackson- He wanted tomatoes and pepperoni...
(Do you see the smiley face?)
Auri wanted pepperoni and mushrooms...

25 minutes in the oven at 425 degrees... And you have pizza...

They were so proud of their pizzas!!!..

Ready to eat...

Happy Birthday our Sweet Heather! We love and miss you!!!
I hope you all have an amazing day!!!
Go make homemade pizza with your kids!...
The reward of time spent together is worth the mess!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The missions trip that changed my life...

Two 32 foot RVs. Yes, I co-drove one of them!

We left the Church at 6:30 am on Saturday July 17. Drove through Kentucky, then Tennessee, then Alabama and crossed the border into Mississippi for our first night stay at a KOA...

This rocket was a Huge statue at the rest stop in Alabama..

Our 2nd day was spent driving through Mississippi and into Louisiana. That night we stayed at a KOA in Baton Rouge, LA. Some of the kids were concerned that they wouldn't get a "good" meal the rest of the trip, so a few of us headed to Longhorns for steaks. Somehow I got the honor of driving them. Even though I didn't get a steak out of it.

This is the girls (minus DeAnna) while waiting for the food at the steakhouse. Fun Times!!

On Day three of our journey, we drove from Baton Rouge to Lake Charles Louisiana. We were warned of this bridge, although because it wasn't too high, and was mostly over swamps, it wasn't as bad as was expected. However, it WAS a 20 mile bridge, Over Water!!

We finally arrived at the ship we were to be staying on in Lake Charles. Yes, I said Staying On the ship! We lived here for four days! Yes, for those of you who know me, this was pretty scary for me, due to my immense fear of water, and bridges with water under them (of which there were two to pass over just to get on the ship)

The Spirit!...

The Mess Hall where we had our meals in the Spirit Ship!

Day one on the ship, get our information about what the organization "Friendships" is about, what they do and how Amazing they are. We talked to some of the "SeaHawks" and then Erica and Kyle decided that they needed me to go out on the deck. Yes that's right, looking over the water. Ummmmm......

You see I wouldn't get close to the edge!

Our nights consisted of worshiping at the Lake Charles Church of the Nazarene. We sang lots of awesome songs, and had someone different speak every night!

Murray and four of the SeaHawks shared the first night about what they do, and what God is doing for and through them ...

(from left.. Shayla, Courtney, Amanda (you can't see her, she's behind Murray), and Oscar)

Oscar and Me! He's awesome! You all need to meet him, his joy and love for Jesus are totally contagious!

Day one of working, we all got jobs. There was a pool to work on, flowers (hundred of plants, literally) to move, a 324ft ship to clean (which they do everyday), and two huge coast guard warehouses to empty of desks, chairs, and mostly doors and windows. There were tons of mud wasps, and hundreds of doors and windows and mirrors that needed moved. I went to this jobsite, because it gave me the free reign to leave as needed to fetch water for the thirsty, and to take lots of pictures and videos of everyone working!

We filled a 54 foot semi with doors and windows...

... and lined walls of two warehouses.

And yes, I got dirty with everyone else. I actually really enjoyed getting in and doing my part! And what an accomplishment the last day we worked to have finished the job and even start on other things. Wow!

This is me at lunch on day one of work. I was dirty and sweaty, but loved workin for Jesus and his people!

After our first day of work was done, some of the kids got to jump off the side of the ship with the SeaHawks. This was kind of therapeutic for me. I was able to take pictures and videos of it without having a panic attack!

This is DeAnna, I was so proud of her!!

At dinner that evening, Shayla brought up this lizard, it had just hatched in her bedroom. He was so cute!!

For a couple days this alligator would come between the ship and the shore. He would swim around and some people would throw food in for him.

Then Pat and Courtney decided they wanted to catch it, at 10:30 at night. Courtney is a true cowgirl... she got a rope and literally lassoed the little guy! It was really exciting.

One of the nights at church, we took a love offering for to purchase a pump and filtration system for the makeshift pool on the Friendships property. We weren't sure how much we would get, but they raised over $830 for this. It was really incredible to see these kids give!

So, then the "pool" had to be cleaned and filled with water. Here are some of the kids trying to clean out the dirt, and tree pieces, and just random stuff from the bottom. This pool is actually a cut off tank that was donated to Friendships and then converted into a pool.

Kalene and DeAnna moving plants!!...

Jeralyn and me, we all had a "handshake" buddy. We had to make up a handshake on the first night of church and every time we saw each other we did it. All week. It was fun!

My new friend...
One of the SeaHawk guys put him on me while we were waiting for the truck to load with doors. He crawled all over me. How cute!!!

Logan, one of the kids working with us, took him off my shoulder, thus scaring him, and when he put him back on me, the poor little guy broke off his tail, I'm told he did that because he was nervous. Kinda icky, but he was okay, apparently they grow back!

The senior pastor at Lake Charles Naz is actually a Buckeye fan! Fancy that!!!

Thursday night we went to a nationally renowned chefs house (whose kids we worked with all week) for an authentic Cajun feast! I don't eat seafood, but the rest of it was simply amazing! My favorite was the gumbo, that I will learn to make someday!!!

Enjoying friends company at the feast...

Oscar, Lindsay and Landon

RJ (the youth pastor from Shreveport Nazarene) and Me..

DeAnna and Randy..

While there we worked with Shreveport Nazarene and Lake Charles Nazarene youth groups! This is the whole group, with a few of the friendships folks who joined us for church the last night!

Kyle and Lisa!!! We LOVE Lisa!!!

The Friendships Crew.

Many of them are like family now!

Right before we left for home. Go Shep Naz! I'm so proud of these kids and adults! What a blessing they all were on this trip and still are!!

On our way home, we stopped for a swamp tour. We saw some HUGE alligators. The biggest was around 18 feet long...

A very calm and still Blue Heron

Baby Alligators and Huge turtles..

Our group on the Swamp tour..

What an amazing trip. I wouldn't trade this for the world. I look forward to going back. I am excited about what God is doing in my life and the life of these kids and their families. God is Good and His love endures forever! Listen, He's talking to you!!

Have a Blessed Day! I know I am!!