Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last Night!

Well, as is becoming the norm, Jackson didn't take a nap yesterday. So after a long day of playing in and outside, cleaning the car out with mommy and going to the Highbanks Metro Park, he was swamped. We were watching one of the best movies of all time (according to me anyway), and he was coloring. So we left him alone. Well, let's just say, he could make it all night. And finally fell asleep at 10:40pm. Well past his bed time. And this is how he fell asleep....

He didn't even wake up when Aaron picked him up. We tried to get him to go potty before laying him down, no luck. He was so cute. It reminded me of the pictures of when Karin (my sister) would fall asleep while reading a book when she was little. Cute!!!

Have a Fabulous Day!!!


July 4th 2008

Trying to get four kids to pose for a picture isn't easy. But oh well, at least they are all there, right? Kaelyn and Aurora loved spending the whole day together...
Aaron was playing with Cambria to try and keep her from crying. That is until she threw up on him. Funny. Gross, but funny!
Not sure what they were talking about, but Kaelyn was telling Uncle Aaron something important!
Poor Cambria was upset about something. Isn't she cute?
We had a great day with Aaron's sister Ashleigh and her two kids Kaelyn and Cambria. We went to the Upper Arlington parade in the morning, then back to our house for lunch and cooking out for dinner. Then to the Upper Arlington fireworks at Northam Park. Fun Fun!!! It's always good when the kids out number the grown ups.

A Woodpecker...

In the tree infront of our house. I was so excited. When I was growing up, we had a dogwood tree outside the window of our dining room. And I remember just sitting with my mom and watching him go. Well, you don't see woodpeckers very often in the city, so when there was one in the tree right infront of my front door, I got excited. So here are the pictures of him. Enjoy!...He heard me talking to Auri about him and turned to try and see us. Pretty cool!

Have a Wonderful Day!!!