Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More Pictures...

Okay here are a few more pictures. First, Aurora and Jackson, holding onto veggies from Uncle Sam's garden. And the last two pictures are from the concert that we went to Sunday night. It was an anniversary gift from his mom (way back in April). It started with a girl (whose name I don't remember) and then came on Gary Allen. And last and most cool was Rascal Flatts. Not only are they central Ohio natives, but they are awesome. Look at the pyrotechnicks (sp?). They had two huge screens and fireworks from above the stage. It was a late concert which put us and our kids (who were with my mom and dad) out late, but I think we are all recovering. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and I'll write more another time.


Trip to Lisbon

It's been a long week. But hey, I've got pictures!! For starters, I took Jackson and Aurora for a little vacation to Uncle Sam and Aunt Laura's house. We drove up on Wednesday and that night we joined them and their youth group at a pool party where Jackson wanted nothing more than to get in the water with Uncle Sam. Aurora sat in the water for a little bit and when Jackson got out Sam took Auri out into the water for a little too. I think they had fun, but it was a little chilly for them both. On Friday Sam and Laura had a bunch of people over for the meteor showers that night. Aurora and Emma (Ginny and Mike Phillips baby) finally met. Here is a picture of them sitting in the rocking chair that Ginny and I sat in so many times when we were little. And I have also put a picture of Ginny and I in that same chair. Of course we were older, but I'm sure we'll get one of the girls when they are a little older too. And this next picture if of Sam holding Auri and Emma. How cute. Next are some pictures of Jackson in Uncle Sam's garden and also holding some of the vegetables. Check it out... Well, it won't let me post any more pictures, So I guess I'll have to do another blog so you can see Auri holding a Carrot too, and more...

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Some new pictures...

I just wanted to show you all a few new photos that have been taken. Enjoy... First you will see some pictures from the Ohio State Fair. Karin and I took the five children to the fair, yes, two worn out women leading three crabby (from the heat) boys and two infants, neither one of which enjoy being extra warm. Let me tell you, don't ever try it, next year we will have to have at least one more if not two more adults, we'll need the help. Anyway, this first picture is of Isaiah and Isaac with the big duck, (that Jackson just had to see and yet wouldn't go near it). Next you see the boys with the actual ducks (again, Jackson's idea). They seemed to really like these. As you can see, so did the girls. Well, they both were studying the birds very intently until I snapped the picture and then right as I took it, Esther-Faith found something else more interesting. Oh-Well, you can't blame a baby for not posing. She seemed to enjoy the birds a lot too. Okay, this next picture makes me chuckle. Every year we take a picture of the kids with the butter cow. We have done it every year since Jackson went to the fair at only two weeks old. Well, it isn't easy getting a picture with the boys standing still, let alone with two babies. Poor Karin, look at her trying so hard just to keep them up for a picture, and look, she was still able to smile. Good Job Karin!!! Okay, here you go, this nice young girl with a lovely mullet was kind enough to let the boys pet some cows. I think Karin and I enjoyed the mullet more than the cows. She was very sweet, and so were the cows, considering how hot they probably were. Next the boys got the chance to see a little rodeo action. They wanted to see horses but there weren't any in the stables, so we checked in the arena and well, we found bull riding, how fun!!! This next picture was the morning after the fair, unfortunately my kids don't sleep in and neither one are old enough for me to force them to stay in their room until I'm ready to get up, so we were hanging out in Karin's living room and as usual, Jackson loves posing with his sister, so here you go, another of he and Aurora. And this last picture is from tonight. Since Tuesday Aurora has been crawling like she's always known how. Well, she discovered the stares on Wednesday and I brought the gate up from the basement. However, I cleaned the carpets today and so the gate is out of the way still from the drying time and well, as you can see, she has found that she can actually move up the stairs. You can't see it, but she actually has her left leg up on the step and is working on the rest of her body. Boy, she is really gonna be hard to keep track of now that she is mobile. Okay, that is all that I have for now, so I hope you have enjoyed my recent pictures, and I will add more as I have them. Have a wonderful day, and week to come!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

My (Neice) Sweet Esther-Faith

She loves eating, and playing her daddy's guitar. Isn't she adorable? She and Aurora seem to really like each other (for now at least)!

The Grandkids...

Here you go, a picture of the Shirey grandkids. The boys are (excitedly) looking at Karin or me and the girls are looking at Aaron (who was making funny faces at them).


Jackson got a dinosaur "balloon" for his birthday. (he thinks everything is a balloon) It took me almost a half hour just to blow it up, but here he is standing with and hugging it.

Aurora has decided that the best way to get around is to crawl. She has not completely mastered it yet, but she is doing better every day!

Uncle Tim enjoys playing his guitar for the kids (Really it is for himself, but the kids are a good excuse to play), he did it a lot for Jackson when he was a baby and now he does it for Aurora and Esther-Faith. As you can see, Auri thinks he is totally crazy!

This one is Isaac and Jackson at the Zoo, they had a great time together. Here they are looking at the JellyFish. They petted StarFish and saw tigers and lions and penguins, alligators and snakes (which they petted). Turtles, elephants, Red Pandas, you name it, they probably saw it. We didn't get to see everything so we'll have to get back, but we'll probably wait until the weather calms down a little.