Monday, November 30, 2009

New Pics of Kids....

On Sunday November 22nd, the kids and I went out to Creekside, in Gahanna and had ourselves a bit of a photo shoot. Here as some of the pictures I took! We had a good time. And after that day, I have decided that Jackson would really good at modeling, he's a natural, and Auri is just amazing! She is an Angel!


(laughing because Jackson was giving me bunny ears)

(poor baby had to pee really bad, she was a real trooper)My AngelPrincess..



(a serious look)

My Favorite..

Have a Great Day!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

My latest!!!

The Youth Group at our Church has a food pounding every year during the Ohio State/ Michigan game. We have a good ole tailgate party and collect food instead of admission cost. Well, I was asked to make a cake for the tailgate party, so here it is! I figured it's called pound Michigan, so why not make it look like a pounding. I like it!!!

I also paint the kids' faces every year for the tailgate. Last year they were helmets, this year Jackson wanted a block O and a buckeye leaf. His idea!!! Then all the kids wanted it!

Have a Great Day!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

A couple more cakes from the last many months...

The one for Aaron's work. This is the one that was baking over in the previous post! For Mom and Dad's 37th Anniversary. Karin and I helped Dad surprise mom with dinner, a cake and gifts from him. It was great!!
That's right. It's an American Idol cake. Sonjia and I had a party for the season finali (which happened to be on my birthday). We had a great time!!

The cake I mentioned in the previous post. I made her an almond flavored cake, with almond flavored icing. With Raspberry filling! It was amazing!!! That's why Pat wanted me to make him one, his choice was chocolate on chocolate!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Me and My Girls....

My Sista...
It's Sonjia and me at Heather and Brandon's Wedding!!!
Jena, Sonjia and I all on Jena's bike! We are hot Mamas!!!!!!!!
Someday I'll have a bike of my own. But for now I'll live through Jena!!!
Have a GREAT day!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3rd and 4th of July Festivities.

Red White and BOOM!!!!
Took the kids down with Sonjia, Pat and Kassi. Missed part of the parade, but got a couple cool pics....

Jackson and Auri sitting on top of the car watching the fireworks!

Jackson breakdancing after the fireworks. We waited before leaving because we were at the top of a parking garage and didn't want to deal with traffic. So we cranked our music and he danced for us!! We Love watching him Dance!!!...

4th of July Parade with Ashleigh, Raf, Kaelyn, and Cambria...

Auri and Kaelyn befriended this little boy!
Loved this. The ladies were having so much fun, and it reminds me of Pollyanna! Warms me from the inside out! Anyone want to play the "Glad Game?"!!!!!
I painted the kids faces for the Fireworks after spending the day with the extended family...

Waiting for the fireworks to begin...

Playing with Daddy/Uncle Aaron...
Jackson was having such a good time dancing and posing with his Aunt and cousins!

This is what happens when Black Eyed Peas starts playing!!!...

My favorite picture of him dancing!After he was done dancing, and had posed with everyone else, it was finally my turn for a photo opp with him. Of course, I was holding the camera, so it isn't a great picture, but it is me and my boy, so I like it!!!

Time for the fireworks!
He was shooting them out of the sky! So cute!!

Was a fun couple of days!!!!
Keep watching there are more pictures to come!!!!
God Bless! -Kristen