Thursday, May 3, 2012


It is that time of year again... Jackson is in the 2nd season of his 3rd year of soccer, and he loves it... he tries so hard to get goals... none yet this year, but he had a great attempt this past week and a fantastic assist...

(PS... He had to borrow a t-shirt for this game because we didn't have the regular shirt available at the time.)

This is Auri's first time Ever playing soccer... and she L...O...V...E...S... it!  She gets very excited about soccer day, I think she very well may look forward to it every week.  And she plays like a natural...  She makes us very proud!!

I hope you have a blessed day... and I pray you enjoy your kids as much as I enjoy mine, and if you don't have any, enjoy spending time and encouraging those of family and friends!!

God Bless!

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Swedish Mama said...

proud grandma here. Wish I could see all of my grandkids play. Maybe next year.